JUDr. Jaroslav Hošek advocate CZ-Prague       

Commercial Director of Attorney's Office
Mgr. Dimitri Gabunia !

Mgr. Dimitri Gabunia
is not an employee of this law firm
from 20th of April 2018!
In connection with its activities, our attorney’s office establishes a position of commercial director by the end of this year.

It will be taken by Mgr. Dimitri Gabunia, a graduate of the Law Faculty of the State University of Tbilisi (1994-1999), a founder and managing partner of a successful attorney’s office "Gabunia and Partners" operating in Tbilisi, Georgia. He is an experienced lawyer in the field of commercial law and international – law relations, with considerable experience in negotiation and arbitration.

At his position of a commercial director, he will use his organizational skills that Mgr. Gabunia showed, among other things, in founding and managing a school organizing seminars for young Georgian lawyers in the European Union countries (in Czech Republic in cooperation with our attorney´s office). Most of the graduates of this school today holds important positions in both the private sector and in State bodies of Georgia.

Mgr. Dimitri Gabunia is a dynamic person and therefore he feels that his mission in his native country has been fulfilled. Currently, he would like to apply and develop his existing knowledge and experience in Europe – at present, in the field of our attorney´s office marketing in implementing its foreign activities.